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CYB’s litigation support practice draws upon CYB’s expertise in forensic accounting, dispute resolution, and commercial negotiations. It covers all stages of litigation from writ to post trial. Services range from compilation of evidence and liaison with lawyers and other stakeholders, to expert testimony.

CYB’s people work hard to resolve all outstanding matters and are not afraid to challenge your legal team to ensure they are working in your best interests.

We understand how physically and emotionally draining protracted litigation is. It is our objective to resolve outstanding issues as speedily as possible. We take on much of the negotiation and liaison with barristers, solicitors and other parties on your behalf to give you the relief you need.

Graeme worked away on my behalf with solicitors, barristers and administrators and was without question the core reason that matters began and continued to be resolved … From Graeme’s involvement the matter was resolved in 6 months – it had been going for almost 18 months prior. Not hard to see who was looking after my best interests. More

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