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CYB is acknowledged for a tenacious resolve to get to the bottom of a problem and then take whatever action is necessary to resolve the problem. This commitment is demonstrated by the outstanding success of CYB’s dispute resolution practice.

CYB advisors deal with all parties to a dispute offering negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution services and facilitating conciliation, arbitration and counselling.

At all times alternative dispute resolution processes are sought, to minimise or eliminate court time thereby saving you money and anguish. CYB also provides invaluable input and assistance in the compilation of evidence for clients as part of the dispute resolution process.

CYB’s philosophy of hard work, integrity and persistence facilitates breakthroughs that enable speedy resolution in most of our appointments.

We consider that Graeme's strength lies in the context of management of disputes, and dispute resolution generally. Graeme excels as a relationship coordinator for his clients with other advisors in the dispute resolution process to secure an efficient and expedient outcome for his clients More

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