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CYB’s management consulting services also cover personnel matters including staff selection, retention and release, performance management, conflict management and leadership development.


It is our objective to get all your staff to support the business improvement initiatives we recommend to ensure their success. To that end we will train your staff in new systems, i.e. accounting systems, and processes, in line with procedural or policy changes implemented. We can also provide you with the tools to monitor compliance with the new processes by establishing performance indicators, providing reporting tools and facilitating performance reviews if need be.


Should your business be struggling with internal differences among personnel, we manage grievances by applying proven dispute resolution methods. We approach these challenges sensibly and sensitively and moderate our involvement as per your instructions. We can assist through negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution services and we can access conciliation, arbitration and counselling.


Great leaders get the most out of their people. They have the confidence of their staff. It is well known that staff will work harder and better for a leader they respect and admire. Leadership development is integral to CYB’s philosophy as a firm and to all aspects of our engagement as your business advisor. Mentoring good leaders enables you to leave the business in good hands when you are away or when you retire. Leadership development is critical to your succession plans and if you wish to sell your business, good leaders make your business more saleable.

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