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Cash flow solutions begin with an assessment of your cash flow status. This involves analysis of your financial statements and cash flow statements. If these do not exist we will prepare them for you.

We then work with you to devise a cash flow plan including cash flow forecasting. We focus particularly on current practices for receivables and payables, inventories, pricing and short term and long term financing. If these are not sustainable we will recommend improvements.

Equally important is the implementation of controls to monitor adherence to the cash flow policies we recommend. This ensures that disciplines are maintained and things do not slip..

Another crucial part of our work is considering how cash flow may be managed so as to allow your business to reach its full potential. It is not only about survival, but about investment and growth as well.

Having cash on hand ensures you can take advantage of strategic opportunities as they arise. We consider sources of cash including, but not limited to:

  • Overpaid Tax
  • Capital Injection (Debt, Equity)
  • Business Sale (part or all)
  • Managing Expenses

Imagine what a significant cash injection could do for your business!

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