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Qualified accountants provide accurate, timely and practical support for small business owners and SMEs aiming to restore control, enhance growth and maximise performance. We establish procedures that improve and simplify compliance work allowing business owners to concentrate on strategic objectives, confident in the knowledge that their statutory accounts are in excellent shape.

If things don’t seem right, CYB offers a rigorous forensic accounting service. Our people do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of any issue, often bringing startling revelations to light.

Forensic work also supports CYB’s highly successful litigation support and dispute resolution activities.

CYB’s accounting work goes well beyond compliance, assurance and taxation. We work with our clients as partners, simplifying all aspects of their management accounting and financial accounting processes. We can advise you on the most suitable accounting software systems for your operation and on general management matters including budgeting and cash flow.

CYB can also recommend the most appropriate business structure for your enterprise; One that optimises tax and risk management outcomes and suits your plans for growth.

Our accountants also look beyond your current statutory obligations to your retirement plans and consider your assets, investments and superannuation. Please refer to our estate planning page for more information about our wealth management services.

Because we understand the complexities of transition in a family business we ensure the process for succession and continuance is properly planned, documented and executed.

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