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As part of our commitment to our clients, we work closely with legal practitioners and barristers to help ensure client needs are met by a united group of professionals, all dedicated to providing the best possible outcomes. At all times we remember who we are working for.

Personal Support

CYB’s legal support work is characterised by energy, integrity and persistence. We treat your business as our own and work to protect your interests.

Rightly or wrongly, there is a perception with many people that obtaining justice and a “fair go” is only for those with very deep pockets. Perceived expense, inequality or fear often compromises proper dialogue between legal practitioners and their clients. Solving legal disputes is not always about who is right or wrong, but about the quality of communication between the parties – not only between opposing sides but often between a client and their own legal representative.

One of the ways that CYB can assist in this area is by acting as a mediator and/or facilitator to ensure that these barriers are overcome.

CYB provides dedicated litigation support and dispute resolution services and provides access to qualified legal practitioners for all matters requiring a practicing lawyer.

Business Support

We can assist your business every step of the way from your start-up to your exit.

Support for start-ups includes advice regarding business structure, securing finance, buying a business or franchise, leasing and licensing.

For established businesses CYB can assist with business contracts, commercial litigation, restructuring, dispute resolution and insolvency.

In the case of voluntary or involuntary exit, CYB can facilitate the sale, succession, voluntary administration or as a last resort, liquidation (if appropriate).

Estate planning services help you preserve what you have worked so hard for. In conjunction with legal specialists, CYB maintains an in-depth understanding of trusts, property transactions, wills and probate and will ensure your assets are protected for you and your beneficiaries.

CYB provides legal support services and other services such as

Business Advice

Accounting and Tax

Business Crisis Management

Succession Planning


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