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Business Advisor "There are many reasons why people are in business"

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Has your business grown to the
point where you can't manage
by yourself?

  • You had a brilliant idea that you thought you
    could make money from?
  • Your parents (or grandparents) started the family business
    and it was expected that you would work in it?
  • You were sick of working for someone else - you wanted
    to be your own boss?
  • Not making enough money on a salary?
  • You thought it would give you more
    time to spend with the family?
But are you in control? ...or is your business
controlling you? Enter your details below...

Business Crisis Management "There are many reasons why people are in business"

Tel: 1800 630 531


  • Do you feel things are spiralling out of control?
  • Is the ATO chasing you for unpaid taxes, GST or PAYGW?
  • Are you facing unexpected liabilities or legal action, and don’t know where to turn?
  • Are you being kept awake at night, worrying about your business’ future?
We will do whatever it takes to pull your business out of trouble. Enter you details below...

Family Business "There are many reasons why people are in business"

Tel: 1800 630 531


  • Are fractured family relationships jeopardising your family business?
  • Do you want to retire, but you’re not sure your successor is ready?
  • Do you need to make decisions, but find your parents won’t let go?
  • Do you need support with your new role as ‘boss’?
We can help you move forward confidently. Enter you details below...

Accounting and Tax"There are many reasons why people are in business"

Tel: 1800 630 531


  • Do you receive the service you deserve from your current accountant?
  • Are you up to date with all your tax obligations?
  • Are you facing unexpected liabilities or legal action, and don’t know where to turn?
  • Do you need assistance to simplify your record keeping and manage your bookkeeping?
  • Do you need an accountant you can trust who will anticipate your needs and exceed your expectations?
Our outstanding accounting services can add immeasurable value to your business. Enter you details below...

Legal Support"There are many reasons why people are in business"

Tel: 1800 630 531


  • Are you confident your lawyers are acting in your best interests?
  • Are you facing disproved, unfounded accusations?
  • Do you need access to proven forensic accounting techniques?
  • Are you looking for proven alternative dispute resolution methodologies that will keep your dispute out of court?

We aim to end protracted litigation and resolve outstanding issues as speedily as possible. Enter your details below.

We will do whatever it takes to pull your business out of trouble

Control Your Business (CYB) is a professional services firm offering COMPLETE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS for all businesses and their owners.

Every business will, from time to time, require one or more of the above services and CYB aims to be in a position to provide and manage prompt flexible solutions of the highest standards so that you will achieve your goals.

CYB can provide prompt and flexible solutions for a full range of professional and business needs.

We offer first class accounting and taxation services, quality support for business set-up, growth and expansion and fast solutions for business crisis such as tax debt, insolvency and disputes.

We also have your bookkeeping and office accommodation needs covered.

As a Certified Xero Partner we’ll show you how to manage your accounting and book keeping efficiently and monitor your financial data accurately and easily, whenever you want, wherever you are.

Through Penrith Serviced Offices we provide fully serviced and equipped office facilities and exceptional customer service to professionals, small businesses and telecommuters.

We are here to make your lives easier.

What makes CYB different?

An absolute passion and determination for helping clients solve not only their immediate problems but deal with those unique challenges that might otherwise prevent them from realising their full potential, both now and in the future.


Graeme Beveridge has been my ‘accountant’ for about 4 years, though I consider the word ‘accountant’ to be a loose description of what he means to me as the owner of a small family business and to my business. Graeme has become a trusted advisor on all facets of my business. He is a consummate professional, someone who believes in...
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CYB can be relied upon to provide exemplary accounting services for personal and company taxation, statutory reporting, investment and banking. Without exception we have experienced from Graeme Beveridge open and honest communication, integrity, availability and a thorough professional service, all with the utmost confidentiality.
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Geoff & Margaret
We have been clients of Graeme Beveridge for more than 25 years and in that time he has acted as both accountant and business advisor in the varied businesses we have conducted over those years. The sometimes difficult task of dealing with banks has been made so much easier with his expertise in that area and in a time of hardship Graeme's...
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I was having plenty of problems with cash flow in my business. I was struggling to pay bills, tax and wages. My accounting and management processes were in a shambles due to the poor performance of past accountants and my own shortcomings as a business manager. I knew I had a great business with excellent growth potential, however running it...
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Graeme advises and assists his clients as in a variety of areas including accounting, business consultancy, business restructuring and alternative dispute resolution processes. Graeme is also experienced at representing clients during commercial negotiations and business transactions. We have had cause to be involved with Graeme in relation...
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Since 1999 I have worked closely with Graeme Beveridge in my capacity as Managing Director of the Australian subsidiary of an International IT Security company and subsequently as the MD of my own similar business. While Graeme has been responsible for all Accountancy, Taxation and other normal statutory company requirements he has also played...
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It is with pleasure that I provide the following reference for Graeme Beveridge who I have known since May, 1987. In my roles as Financial Controller, General Manager and Director of Vocational & Technical Training Corporation (VTTC) and its subsidiary, Labax International, in the period between May, 1987 and November, 1998, I worked closely...
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